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45° 27’ 11.92 N
11° 16’ 52.92 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F5
Toponyms: Saiolle, Vaiola, Chiavica, Chiesa Fontana Nuova, Brognoligo, Fontanella Pradessar, Magnassuto

Surely one of the most historic areas of the Soave Classico, Brognoligo is almost an identity apart from other cru zones due to the unique ancestral meth- ods of drying the grapes to obtain wines of great concentration and complexity. Even here, despite being in the exclusive pres- ence of basalt matrix soils throughout, the slopes are markedly differentiated: from gradients of 45%, where vineyards are managed entirely manually, to areas with gentler slopes. The entire zone is culti- vated with the classic soavese pergola. Here, there are still centenarian vines bred on Rupestris du Lot. The texture of the soil is mainly clay-silt with the presence of basaltic rocks crushed in the first meter of depth. Buildings and dry-stone walls testify to the deep volcanic soul of Brognoligo.
The first documentation of the toponym dates back to 1628, but there is no definitive proof. Scholars still dispute where Brognoligo stems from: the Latin name BEROLLIANUS plus the suffix ICU, or the Latin influence of PRUNEA (plum) declined in Veronese dialect BROGNA.
Climatically, the area in the last 20 years is among the least rainy (below 800 mm per year) and is among the most sensitive to drought phenomena.

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