Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 30.94 N
11° 16’ 20.20 E

Commune maps included: Soave F10

Toponyms: Cerceni, Cercini, Battocchi, Catti Furbi, Siviero, Carniga, Carcera

From a statistical point of view, Monte Grande is the cru with the highest concentration of planted vineyards of the whole denomination. Altitude, slope, soil and exposure define the ideal place where Garganega and Trebbiano of Soave have always thrived. The name best defines this historicized area facing mainly to the south-east. Protected to the north from winds and frosts, vineyards thrive on very gentle slopes that due to their conformation are ideal for being entirely planted.
Completely within the hilly area of the municipality of Monteforte, it bears witness to the fact that it was more the soul than the heart of the area, and to the dynamics of its volcanic heritage.
The favorable position is both ready to collect the heat of the sun and to make optimal use of the precipitation that statistically arrives with regularity. The soils are therefore very deep and rich, fairly neutral and able to retain moisture even in particularly dry seasons.

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