Google Earth Position:

45° 25’ 45.33 N
11° 15’ 37.55 E

Commune maps included: Soave F21

Toponyms: Rovaro, Tovi, Praissoni, Bognolo Montebasso, Mondello, Pigno, Ponsara

This unit falls entirely in the municipality of Soave, and represents a perfect example of the true soul of the Soave Classico. Steep to dramatically steep slopes define small vineyards separated by dry walls or ciglioni. This however did not prevent it from be- ing cultivated, and in fact, vineyards cover almost 97% of the area.
Scattered cherry trees, hedges and groves complete the picture of a territory that opens to vistas of Val Ponsara to the east and north and towards the town of Soave in the west.
To the east, the soils are entirely of basaltic matrix while towards the east we can also see some limestone outcrops.
The texture is clayey-loamy or light-clay and with very few stones.
This area is known above all for the impressive cypresses and for the “capitello” that marks the cross- roads where hikers pause to map their routes.

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