Google Earth Position:

45° 26’ 46.33 N
11° 14’ 41.38 E

Commune maps included: Soave F12

Toponyms: Campagnola, Becco, Lombelli, Costa Tebaldi, Padelli, Casetta

We find the area of Sengialta immediately on our right when the road rises to climb towards Castelcerino starting from Soave. It is crossed by the Fault of Castelvero that divides the two souls of Soave, the volcanic and the calcareous. Sengialta is the Geographic Unit that already bears its specific identity in the name. Important slopes and mainly volcanic soil define the most characteristic elements (Sengia = basalt stone).
We are in the heart of the classic area belonging to the municipality of Soave. The soils are moderately deep, the basaltic rock is often visible on the surface. The texture is silty clay or even loamy clay. They are not calcareous or just slightly calcareous soils, neutral or weakly alkaline.

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