Google Earth Position:
45° 27’ 33.79 N
11° 16’ 27.67 E

Commune maps included:Monteforte F1-2

Toponyms: F1 Frassine, Colombaretta, Castellaro Tremenalto, Castellaro, Vienega
F2 Castellaro

Within the municipality of Monteforte d’Alpone, this geographic unit represents the northern border of the town limit. In fact, the toponym most likely means “end – high” before crossing into the next town of Montecchia di Crosara.
The volcanic soils here are deep and fertile. The colors are dark brown or a deep red, but calcare- ous and barely alkaline.
The entire zone is characterized by steep slopes (20%-35 %) facing north to northwest. The wines are extremely fresh and drinkable. In particularly warm years, the area benefits from cooler summer tem- peratures thanks to northern air currents that pass through the Alpone valley and run along this side of the hillside.

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