Google Earth Position:

45° 25’ 36.85 N
11° 16’ 13.17 E

Commune maps included: Monteforte F13

Toponyms: Omo Morto, Decima, Sopra Decima Santon, Cazzo Bisso, Gallina

One of the smallest geographical units, it is quite similar to Froscà and also has historical ties to the zone. Volpare stands out for its southern / western exposure and by the presence of groves and other plants (olive groves, cherry trees) which define its landscape and heritage. The name originates from caves carved into the limestone rock, which have long provided shelter to foxes and other wild animals that populated these areas. This wildlife is repopulating the area, a sign that Soave is finding a newfound equilibrium and improved biodiversity.
It is Mount Riondo that characterizes the landscape. Climatically, the zone falls within the climatic aver- ages of the denomination.

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