The budding of the vines was anticipated and very smooth; later the flowering and fruit-set stages took place in good conditions premising an abundant vintage.
High temperatures but especially the humid heat between May and June unfortunately favored consistent attacks of peronospora which however, was well contained by using, in the most critical periods, systemic and endotherapeutic treatments.
The cooler temperatures recorded in the end of July slowed somewhat the maturation of the Garganega. Overall the grapes were healthy and of good quality also because they were only marginally affected by water-related stress, especially in the hills.
In the hills the situation was more diversified because some areas were affected by hailstorms in May and June; in these areas the reduced amount of grapes allowed for excellent ripening and a slight earlier harvest. It was however necessary a sorting and selection of the product in those vineyards that suffered from water stress because the ripening of the grapes was not homogeneous.

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