The year 2001 recorded a significant early start in all vegetative stages for the Soave.
The mild and rather humid winter led to a good maturation of the shoots, the right precondition for an early and optimal germination.
Similarly, flowering and fruit setting allowed the development of sparse clusters; a prelude to grapes of great quality.
Some limited areas were affected by localized hailstorms between the end of June and the first half of July. Yet, the plants well absorbed the event thanks to the growers’ prompt intervention.
The significant reduction in quantity went to benefit of the grapes’ ripening quality.
Water-related stress was recorded in some limited hill area yet they were overcome thanks to the providential rainfall in mid-July.
No particular problems were encountered with regards to the phytosanitary health.
The ripening evolved optimally especially where production was balanced and where rational thinning was implemented.
The Garganega had homogeneous and sparse clusters, with a thick skin and a good evolution of sugar contents. This situation was also optimal for the selection of the grapes for the Recioto di Soave’s harvest.
The early ripening resulted in a decrease in acidity and an increase in the must’s pH, leading to the opportunity of obtaining deeper and more fruity wines.

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