Castelli, Ville e Capitelli

The best way to dig into the soul of a place is to hit the road and explore.
Three thematic itineraries have been created keeping in mind access to locations and times. Each gives a different perspective of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Soave system.

The first is the Shakespearean itinerary which covers a broader area from Verona to Vicenza. Through the landscapes and historical references, visitors can quite nearly imagine the times and the story of the world’s greatest love story.

The second is a circular itinerary dedicated the original Soave Wine Road and winds through most of the historic wine crus.

The third is a 10 km itinerary best traveled on foot or on mountainbike. The 10 “capitelli” votive shrines, recently restored by local volunteers, become the signposts to guide the visitor on one of the most beautiful walks through Soave Classico’s historic hillside vineyards.2